Edison High School Chargers Softball has a long history of former Chargers softball players that continued their academic and softball careers at the collegiate level and beyond.

Our program takes pride in knowing that we are preparing young student-athletes for the next level of educational learning and athletic competition.

We are proud to list some of them here.


Bella Espinoza
San Diego State University

Jenna Gorden
Oregon Tech University

Bella Martinez
University of Hawaii

Emma Mendoza
Cal State Monterey Bay

Teresa Nash
Bloomfield College (New Jersey)



Talia Hannappel
University of New Mexico/
University of North Carolina

Julia Douglass
Westcliff University
(Southern California)

Hailie Benko
West Texas A&M University



Jenna Bloom
University of Arkansas

Mikaila Pancino 
UC San Diego

Serena Starks 

Jaelyn Operana
University of Tennessee 



Alexandra Loomis 
New York University

Giovanna Liggett  
Manhattanville College

Jayden McKeague
Iowa State



Rachel Aboud    
Duke University

Hannah Horton
College of the Holy Cross

Hannah Matthews
Western Washington University

Danielle Votendahl
Colorado State University, Pueblo

Riley Wester
University of Notre Dame



Alexandra Greenburg
Cal State, Monterey Bay

Kayla Neff
Biola University

Kiana Pancino
Stanford University

Troi Van Valkenburg
Santa Ana College



Reis Birkett
Idaho State

Hailey Desrosiers
Sacred Heart

Courtney Leyba
California State University, East Bay

Ali Wester
University of Notre Dame



Catrell Robinson
University of Buffalo

Lizabelle Talataina
BYU Hawaii

Emma Silvestri
Orange Coast College/Santa Ana College


Samantha Cordova
University of Utah

Chiara DeMarco
Concordia University

Carissa Sherman
California State, Northridge

Carly Tahti
Hawaii Pacific University

Karley Wester
University of Notre Dame


Casey Africano
University of Notre Dame

Megan Feuerstein
Concordia University

Maddy Hickman
Idaho State University

Mercedes O'Connor
Brigham Young University

Jessica Plaza
Stanford University
2013 USA Junior Women’s National Team,
2014 USA Women’s National Team

Nicole Zapotoczny
University of the Pacific


Allyson Hecht
Northern Illinois University

Katie Shinrock
Longwood University

Jordan Herman
Drury University

Ancia Purdy
Sonoma State University



Courtney Gonzales
North Dakota State University

Jess Reichner
Cypress College/CS Santa Barbara

Lauren Stuhr
University of Notre Dame



Stephanie Engle
Orange Coast College/Chapman College

Jess Hall
Cal State Dominguez Hills

Jordan Malavar
Orange Coast College



Dani Miller
University of Notre Dame

Rachel Miller
University of California, Davis


2010 Varsity Chargers. L-R, Katie Shinrock, Jordan Herman, Ally Hecht, Jessica Reichner, Courtney Gonzales